Thursday, April 9, 2015

New Series Coming from Avon Impulse! The Accidental Heirs

What would you do if you found out you'd inherited a title and all the wealth and responsibility that came with it? How would it change your life and your choices? What would you need to do to adapt to your new life? How would it affect your family?

That's the premise of my new series coming soon from Avon Impulse. Beyond being thrilled to be writing for my dream publisher, I am so looking forward to sharing these characters and their late 19th century world with you!

Set in England during the 1890s, the Accidental Heirs are men who never expected to inherit titles or wealth. Whether second sons or not from aristocratic backgrounds at all, they carried on with their lives expecting to make their own way in the world. But when they're told they've inherited titles, wealth, and all the responsibilities that go with it, all their best laid plans are turned upside down. 

ONE SCANDALOUS KISS (coming September 2015!)
Kissing a viscount for a hundred pounds sounded like a good idea at the time...

Take Jess, a suffragette struggling to keep her father's bookshop afloat, and Lucius, a second son who never expected to be heir to his father's crumbling estate, and one scandalous public kiss that neither of them can forget, and you have the recipe for One Scandalous Kiss. 

Garnish with a clever matchmaking aunt, a scheming marquess's daughter, an American heiress bent on aristocratic husband hunting, and irresistible twin pugs.

You can pre-order Jess and Lucius's story now for $1.99 and it will be delivered to your e-reader in September.

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Stay tuned for more about my characters, giveaways, and the reveal of my cover. And don't forget to add One Scandalous Kiss to your Goodreads shelf.

To see some of the my visual inspiration for the story, head over to my One Scandalous Kiss Pinterest board.

In the meantime, tell me, have you ever inherited something you didn't expect? Would you want to inherit an aristocratic title? 


  1. I've never inherited something I didn't expect but I have received gifts that left me speechless!

    Love your series concept, Christy!

  2. Thanks, Judith! I haven't had an unexpected inheritance either. Some of the most precious things I have inherited are personal, like the mixing spoons and bowls my grandma used in her kitchen.

    Although...I have always had a fantasy of inheriting some glorious English cottage from a long lost relative, I must admit. :)

  3. Big congratulations, Christy!
    I'm with you on the cottage! :)

  4. Congrats, Christy! The series sounds fascinating! Can't wait to read it!